Simple, Scalable, and Modern Data Protection for SAP HANA Databases

Native Integrations

Native Integrations

Leverage existing tools and workflows. Administrators can setup backup schedules in SAP cockpit to automate the initiation of Rubrik backups.



Recover from any point-in-time snapshot. Apply transaction logs to restore back to a desired state. Leverage incremental backups for faster recoveries.

Management Simplicity

Management Simplicity

Mobilize your data to your cloud provider of choice. Automate replication and cloud archival via Rubrik’s SLA policy engine.


Enterprise Scale

Support large-scale environments. Rubrik supports multi-host architecture and multi-tenant database container configuration.


Data Immutability

Instantly recover from breaches. Protect your backup data against ransomware with native immutability.


SAP-Certified Protection with Flexibility & Automation

Protect even the largest databases with our SAP-certified solution.

Hassle-Free Connector

Install Rubrik Backup Service (RBS) on the node running Master Name Server while the rest of the nodes are configured automatically.

Point-In-Time Granularity

Recover from any point-in-time snapshot by applying transaction logs to restore back to the desired state.

Cloud Flexibility

Protect SAP HANA regardless if running in your own data centers or in the public cloud.

Cloud Migration

Take on-premises snapshots and hydrate fresh SAP HANA systems running on AWS EC2 instance.


Strategies for Building an Enterprise Data Lake

Data-driven decision making is changing how we work and live. Get an introduction to data lakes, tips for creating a successful data lake, common data lake architectures, and how to take advantage of big data.

Use Cases

A Closer Look: Rubrik for SAP

Spin up unlimited database clones in real-time without storage penalty.



Support data governance and compliance by accessing previous versions, change history, and extracting data from a point-in-time.

Ad Hoc Queries and Restores

Ad Hoc Queries and Restores

Easily examine a database to track when specific data changed without provisioning extra disk space by mounting multiple recovery points.

Health Checks

Health Checks

Bring a Live Mount online, perform a database validation, and notify upon completion with Rubrik’s APIs. Perform Oracle recovery fire-drills without needing a full restore of data files.

Test/Dev Workloads

Test/Dev Workloads

Provide instant clones to developers, accelerate application development, testing, and ETL (extract, transform and load) workflows without any impact to production environments.


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