Instantly Recover Anywhere

With one policy engine, setup both backup and replication schedules. Extend RPOs to the rest of your data centers and achieve near-zero RTOs. Replicas are fully recoverable on Rubrik - no rehydration or additional storage provisioning is necessary.


Recover Instantly

Recover instantly from any replica without rehydrating data to another endpoint.


Easy to Manage

Define backup and replication policies on a per-VM, application, and file set basis in one policy engine.


Save Money

Save on network costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric.


Disaster Recovery Solutions That Are Simple, Fast, and Agile

Deliver efficient data operations with WAN-optimized replication that does not impact production workloads. Avoid unnecessary network and storage costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric. Replication can be deployed in a multi-way or bi-directional topology.

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Strategies for Building an Enterprise Data Lake

Data-driven decision making is changing how we work and live. Get an introduction to data lakes, tips for creating a successful data lake, common data lake architectures, and how to take advantage of big data.


Automated DR Orchestration

Polaris AppFlows provides radically simple DR orchestration with failover/failback, testing, and cloud migration.


Ensure Business Continuity

Automate recovery from failures to reduce human error and achieve RTOs of minutes.


Reduce Management Overhead

Deliver consistent policy-driven simplicity to orchestrate failover/failback.


Safeguard Against Failures

Enhance resilience by harnessing the cloud for a modern DR environment.